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Wolff-Alport Chemical Company Site

The Wolff-Alport Chemical Company operated at the Queens, New York site from the 1920s until 1954 importing monazite sand via a railroad spur behind the facility. The sand was processed in order to extract rare earth elements, which were sold to various commercial entities. During operations, process wastes were disposed of in the sewer system and/or buried on-site.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is preparing to perform a remedial investigation to fully characterize the nature and extent of contamination at the site. As part of this contract, GEOD was awarded the photogrammetric mapping and surveying services. GEOD has a long history of providing hazardous waste site support services to our clients, and we are well versed in the particular challenges that go along with these project sites.

Our scope of services for the Wolff-Alport Chemical Company site include obtaining aerial mapping and performing property boundary and structure surveys, right-of- way surveys, field edit and utility surveys.

Using EM Scope and ground penetrating radar (GPR), subsurface utility locations were performed to mark any underground utilities, storage tanks, vaults, etc. GEOD then provided a survey base map and report which included tables listing coordinates and elevations of utility features and site features including structures, utilities, property boundaries, lead shielding, suspected UST’s and other notable buried anomalies.  

  • Owner: CDM Smith
  • Services: Aerial Mapping and Photogrammetric
  • Services: Surface Utility Markouts
  • Services: Land Survey