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Topographic and Hydrographic Survey to support Reconstruction Design for Amtrak Substation #41

GEOD provided topographic base mapping of approximately eight acres to support reconstruction design for the Amtrak Kearny Substation.

Field crews performed a field topographic survey to include but not limited to, edge of pavement, top of rail, fences, slope (bottom/top), edge of vegetation, buildings, walls, surface utilities such as manholes, valve, boxes, poles, lights, etc. Elevations at key locations within the project limits (i.e., catch basin grates, manhole rims, etc.) were obtained. Field crews utilized a boat with trolling motor to obtain direct bottom. elevations throughout the water area. Rail locations were obtained at every 25’ – 50’ interval for the length of the project on both the north and south rails. HDS laser scanning was obtained at inaccessible areas.

Title reports, as well as current deed information was obtained. Field crews located all called for physical evidence. The field locations were processed, and a boundary analysis of field observations related to record information established the existing boundary & rights-of-ways.

Upon completion of right-of-way re-establishment, GEOD prepared a formal property boundary surveys and analysis of adjoining properties. All information was incorporated into the final base mapping.

  • Owner: Amtrak
  • Services: Land Survey