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Photogrammetric Mapping of Six Proposed Solar Farm Sites Across Upstate New York

MFS (formerly GEOD) provided photogrammetric surveys for numerous proposed solar farm sites across New York State using drone-based imagery, offering both cost-efficiency and rapid results.

MFS's (formerly GEOD) UAV specialists visited each site, laid out and conducted GPS surveys to establish temporary targets, and then deployed drones to capture imagery with 80% forward and side overlap. The imagery was used to produce one orthorectified image for each site along with a digital terrain model to generate 1’ contours as required. Planimetric features were extracted from stereo imagery to complete the final client deliverables.

Using our drone-based approach on these sites, MFS’s crew was able to mobilize and fly each location within 24 hours and begin data processing immediately thereafter. MFS’s efficient workflow provided a quick turnaround of client deliverables.

The final deliverables included an XML surface, orthoimages in ECW format, and plan data in a .DWG file.

  • Owner: Saturn Power, Inc./Pescara 1 and Pescara 2, LLC
  • Services: Drone