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NJDOT TP-480 Rte 46, I-80 Ramp to Rte 53

MFS (formerly GEOD) was contracted to provide the low altitude photogrammetric base mapping for NJDOT TP-480 of US Rte. 46/I-80/SR 53 in Denville, Morris County, NJ.

The purpose was to improve the safety and operations of the Route 46 EB ramp to Route 53 SB intersection with Route 53 where there are many accidents and traffic congestion. The aim was to improve safety and traffic flow at the Route 46 EB ramp intersection with Route 53 SB, where accidents and congestion are common. Additionally, safety and traffic flow along Route 46 EB, between the I-80 WB ramp and the Route 53 SB ramp, needed enhancement. The proximity of these ramps caused weaving issues and lacked proper acceleration and deceleration lanes and there was traffic congestion, which further complicates traffic flow. Additionally, this stretch of Route 46 EB lacked shoulders.

Services provided included selecting target locations for the photo control; acquiring new 2.0cm GSD digital aerial imagery; performing the aero triangulation on the imagery; softcopy compilation of all visible man-made and natural planimetric features; digitizing terrain breaklines and spot elevations to create a DTM from which the project ½ ft contours would be generated; and ortho rectifying the aerial imagery at a 3” pixel resolution. This project also involved incorporating topographic mapping that had been prepared using mobile mapping technology into the photogrammetric basemapping and filling in details that had not been visible during the mobile scanning, such as behind guiderails and walls, etc. The final mapping dataset was prepared in Bentley OpenRoads (ORD) format at a scale of 1”=30’ utilizing NJDOT’s ORD interim specifications as the DOT transitions from MicroStation v8 to this newer Bentley platform.

  • Owner: NJDOT
  • Services: Aerial Mapping and Photogrammetric