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Grand Concourse Sanitary and Storm Sewers Captial Project

MFS (formerly GEOD) provided field crew support for the Sanitary and Storm Sewers Capital Project in the borough of Bronx, NY.

MFS's (formerly GEOD) crews removed existing control previously established in the area, which provided the basis for all observations performed. Sideshot observations included approximately 6,300 linear feet, including areas within 50 feet of the right of way line or at the dace of building. At intersections, cross sections extended 50 feet past the right of way or centerline, all valves and manhole rim elevations and catch basin elevations were observed at the side of the catch basin opposite the curb line.

Upon completion of the field sideshots, and traverse observations, MFS observed points at the northern limit of the site using RTK GPS. Our crews also performed a differential level run through all new controls, tied to the existing control. MFS then prepared tie sketches of all control points established and delivered all field data, sketches, edit sheets and tie sketches to the client.

  • Owner: NYCDDC
  • Services: Land Survey
  • Services: Surface Utility Markouts